My Bulletproof Diet Journal: Hacking Euphoria (Day 1 to Day 100)

Hello! If anyone actually reads this and you want to stay in touch in the future, let me know and we can exchange e-mail, Skype, LinkedIn pages, whatever. I'm trying to find some fellow biohackers to chat with regarding how to make the Bulletproof biohacking lifestyle work so that it requires minimal effort. I hope to master the Bulletproof lifestyle over the next few years and then work part-time as a life coach when I'm not teaching.

Day 1

  • Fasted all day
  • Whole Body Vibration
  • Tanning
  • Hydromassage
  • 1 Rep of Bench Press and 1 Rep of Rowing
  • Used coconut oil instead of deodorant: This is a trick I use once in a while for when my armpits start to hurt. I don't know why but it seems like I've become sensitive to deodorants. My assumption is that it's the antiperspirant stuff in deodorant, something which many people claim should be avoided for health reasons. I've never tried any "all natural deodorants" but I suppose I'll give some a try in the near future. For now, I'm experimenting with coconut oil because of its antimicrobial, antiviral properties. As far as I can tell, it works just fine so long as I'm not exercising. And it's cheap, and it smells good, and it's definitely all natural.

Day 2

Currently is it my second day of fasting, 7:35PM. Since I have no idea how to prepare any bulletproof meals, I'm just cutting off pieces of butter, rolling them into balls, and swallowing them like capsules. No, I'm not even joking. It's kind of weird but hell, it works. I was feeling kind of shitty but a few minutes after having some butter, I start to feel a slight euphoria. I can feel the beginnings of ketosis. I felt this high only two times in the past. Unfortunately, I've never been able to make it 24 hours in a state of ketosis, despite how good it feels. I always end up eating carbohydrates and then immediately regretting it.

Not this time.

I am still struggling with a lack of motivation, something which I hope the bulletproof diet will help to resolve. I want to feel as good as I possibly can all day, every day. I wonder how good I can feel just... existing. How good can my mind feel? How good can my body feel? I want to know how far the Bulletproof diet, supplementation, cryotherapy, sauna, light hacking, biofeedback, and various other biohacking methodologies can, in tandem, take me in terms of feeling good to be alive?


  • KirmokinKirmokin freshpotential

    You can try mixing in some baking soda with your coconut oil deodorant. Plus some essential oils if you want it to smell better.
    Best of luck on your journey, make sure to let us know how the different measures seem to be influencing you :)
    Recently I've been doing loving-kindness meditation while I blast my face with infrared light for about 8 minutes a day and it seems to make me more positive and social, in case you'd be interested in trying it.

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