Can I sell on E-Bay?

I used to be with Nature Sunshine about 15 years ago. I am thinking about coming back.........but can I sell on E-Bay? i see stuff on E-bay but I need to know can I sell on E bay now? Are they OK with this? Times have changed.


  • Why is it I can't get any comment on this topic? If you go to E-bay there are hundreds of posts by people selling Nature Sunshine and yet I get the impression ( I do not really know ??) that it is not allowed? How is this possible that people are selling on E-Bay? i sell items on E-bay now since 2004. has been mainly books. So please tell me why it may or may not be allowed? And if not why not? And if it's not allowed how is it being sold?

  • I guess no one wants to answer this and I have no idea why? Thanks for your time.

  • I see no reason not to sell it on eBay. I advise you to have a mobile e-wallet in order to be aware of cash transfers around the clock. I took from here- After you put up the first lot you can send a message stating that this action is illegal. In this case, you will accurately explain what is the matter. This would be a better option than asking for advice here. P.S. I think that there is no prohibition.

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