Super strength kid

Ok. Humor me for a moment. Just got done with some deep breathing exercises after an intense around in the gym centered around pullups as a main exercise this day.

While deep breathing I had some memories pop up from childhood. I remember doing the Presidential Fitness Test in Middle School, and this being the first time I had ever done formal pullups. I think we had to do like 10 to get the highest grade, and I remember the gym coach stopping me at 60, and saying "that's enough I've got a record everyone today you more than passed" or something along those lines. I also remember running the mile for the first time in my life and doing a 6-minute flat mile, something like well over 40 pushups and well over 120 situps. But I also remember being a scrawny kid, always underweight, with a complex about it, always trying to eat more than my dad, to try to put on some muscle, I felt really small compared to other kids, and I remember those 2 days in gym class being confidence boosting, I was proud physically for the first time in those terrible middle school years. But I never exercised before, and hated sports, I "played" running around in the woods and climbing trees. But my mind is specifically stuck on remembering the pullups. I remember when the coach stopped me at 60 I didn't even feel tired I felt like I could just keep doing pull-ups all day. Most of the other kids were struggling to get 10. And here I am 25 or so years later at 37 years old, again struggling to get 10 in the gym.

I know performance-wise I lost myself for about 20 years smoking and drinking all through my twenties.

But upon rediscovering this memory I have to think, what the heck was happening so right when I was a kid?

I did a bunch of Google searches to see if this is normal for 12 year olds, but it doesn't appear to be. I thought surely maybe this was just a child version amazing power to weight ratio or something. but I also got me thinking about all the health conditions I have between the ages of 8 and 10. Rheumatic fever, male yeast infection, I was on antibiotics for almost nine months straight during the Romantic fever I lost a lot of weight and was very sickly. My mother turned to Alternative nutrition to get my immune system back on track, and I remember going to homeopathic doctor and being on a supplement regimen and strict sugar freediet for many years including these pre-teen years.

I've been scouring the web and other forums seeing if there's anybody else talking about this but can't seem to find any info. I just think it would definitely be a bulletproof way of thinking, that would be really cool if I could hack what gave me unlimited Boundless Energy as a 12 year old compared to my peers, and re-tap that as an adult.

I think it's really easy to dismiss this as child-energy, we all know children are just like that, but I still can't shake that memory of being at 60 pullups, being told to stop, and thinking wow I could keep doing this all day when my peers could barely do 5 to 10. Interesting conversation piece at the very least


  • Upon thinking about my post yesterday, I think what I'm looking for his to see if anyone else has had a similar experience, possibly meaning, yes this is just regular child energy with a great power to weight ratio. Or maybe all those homeopathic meds and Nystatin I was on some how crazy boosted my ATP production or something. That would be a deep Rabbit Hole to dig down though, getting my mom to try to remember what she was giving me 20 years ago.

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