Lock foot syndrome

So! I just read about Lock foot syndrome for the first time and it fits like a glove to my symptoms. So Lock-foot syndrome is a incorrect function in the feet, which generates an unbalance and misalignment in the rest of the body. It is when the cubic bone is locked. It can cause flat foot, different length of feet, misaligned hips and jaw to name a few. All of which I have had since a kid. I had braces and my underbite got fixed with elastics. I still have a long lower jaw though but ok bite. Ever since I was a kid I've had anxiety out of nowhere it seems and I suspect it's because of low vagus nerve tone. It's mostly physical symptoms that trigger the mind chaos. I've read into Dr. Amir's work about how misaligned jaw can be the root cause of anxiety. Soooo now I'm gonna try Lock foot therapy in hope of it relieving some tension that blocks my vagus nerve, but I don't know how it will impact my bite since I already had lots of work done on it. But hoping for the best!
Does anyone here have any relevant experience to share? Should I take any supplements alongside to help my body realign it self (k2, d3..)?

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