Female Biohacking App for Smart, Personalized Insights

Hi there!

Recently I launched a female biohacking app- created to uncover correlations between all of the different types of data you are already tracking :)

This was a pain point for me when I went through a health crisis in 2014, and there wasn't a cure- I found Dave's blog. I tried a lot of experiments but noticed for my unique body I had different carb requirements and needed to test what worked that was unique to me.


We are launching something very exciting on the app next week, and we'd love to hear your feedback!

My question for you today is- what are the correlations and relationships that are most interesting to you? Are they how your acne relates to your period and cycle, or the connection between your sleep and mood, or the relationship between your heart-rate variability and weight? The types of food in your diet (ex. food group) and cognitive performance?

Let us know :) We've co-created Flöka with community input like yours, and deeply appreciate it.

Thank you for reading!

Have an excellent day,


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