Vegetables and fruits seeds - nutritional ingredients

You can download the nutrition ingredients table for nuts and vegetables in the pdf attachment below. Or you can look at the following table: Nutrition facts of foods - calories, protein, carb, fat, fiber.
You should take foods with low carb and high fiber. The amount of carb loaded in the Weight Loss methods is calculated according to the total net carb. In it: Net carb = carb-fiber.

Nutrition component is only relative because it depends on each country, type, etc. But perhaps enough to determine how much carb you load.

Note: 1g protein = 4 calories; 1g Net carb = 4 calories; 1g fat = 9 calories. The table is round, so you can see that the total calories in the calorie column in the table below are slightly different.

If you are missing any kind, please ask the question below. The above component is rounded up, if any errors are found / suspected, please notify.

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