How to eat vegetarian right?

First of all, we should understand that vegetarians have been long and the beginners of vegetarianism will be very different. In fact, most monks at the temple are vegetarian. Many entrepreneurs, teachers, artists ... in this world are vegetarian and they all recognize this as the best body and soul purification diet, the happiest diet. Say that so that you can be assured that, if you are vegetarian properly, you will have a completely healthy state, not only without being sick of the carnivorous (positive) group, but also in the vegetarian group (negative). never get it.

  • For a vegetarian beginner, to familiarize yourself with the new diet, you need to replace it gradually. It is still possible to eat bloodless animals like shellfish ... (part-time vegetarian), and still use milk and eggs in your diet. Depending on your own adaptive conditions, gradually reduce and stop completely when your body has begun to adapt vegan vegetarian vegetables.
  • In fact, the animal meat group provides us with the main source of protein and protein. Just by ensuring these two main components, we will completely overcome the disadvantages of being vegetarian with health. And therefore, vegetarians must not ignore extremely important foods: soybeans. Yes, soy is the perfect substitute for animal meat. Using soy and its products such as milk, tofu ... to turn them into the main ingredient when vegetarian will help the whole vegetarian diet properly become easier than ever.

  • Whether you are a pure vegetarian, a vegetarian or a vegetarian, if you know the principles of nutrition, you can be confident with your vegetarian method. Vegetarianism in the right way is easy but difficult, simple and complex, but it will be simple for those who really want to be vegetarian, truly believe in the replacement of a vegetarian diet.


  • I always wondered why people become radical vegetarians. I can understand animal care and your own health. But recently, my friend asked me about the composition of the glue for false eyelashes According to her beliefs there should not be used animal components. I think this is too much))

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