Bulletproof coffee packaging


I got a package of my first bulleproof coffee from an UK reseller as I live in Europe and it seems the package shows some sort of opening which surprised me.

See the photos at

Is it normal? - no coffee is coming out of it, but I just pressed the package and some air did come out from the holes. I'm not a regular coffee consumer so not very knowledgable of packaging systems but I did a trip to my local supermarket and I could see some similar circular thingies which were slightly opened too (although not as pronounced as in my case).

Independently of those, I wonder if this is normal for the bulletproof coffee packages or if the air vacuum sealing has been compromised... Shall I ask for a replacement from them?

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  • The photos from above:

  • Hi,

    Replying to my own question, for the interested ones.

    I contacted BulletProof support who kindly and promptly replied (even though my purchase was from a reseller):

    "Hello Pedro,

    That is by design and our bags are not actually vacuum sealed. It's a one way degassing valve to allow for decompression in storage/transit since our coffees are packed fresh at the roaster . Prevents the beans from spoiling and the bag from bursting 😀

    So there should be no issues there!

    If you have any further questions please feel free to ask!

    With Gratitude,
    Bulletproof Customer Care"

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