mold problem maybe making me cough

Hi there I recently took this test at my chiropractor office, and apparently, I might have a mold problem.
I have had a chronic cough for over 22 years. Was living in central ca when I started, then in Beaverton or and preg with our 4 child when it became a major cough,
now I am in southern Idaho. Still, no relief from the cough unless I avoid dairy wheat sugar. But I am still looking for an answer. how do I get a test to find out for sure about mold? my only condition with this cough is coughing.
my left eye test was 30/45 67% biotoxin score 12/18 67%
my right eye test was 25/45 56% biotoxin score 8/18 44%
total score 55/90 61% biotoxin score 20/36 56%

so what do I do now? I am planning on having my amalgams removed next month.
what else do I need to do?
Thanks Barb

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