What is the tibetan sleep yoga book?

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It is mentioned here on episode #568 at 43m30s with Emily Fletcher It's in episode 464 as well: https://44uc8dkwa8q3f5b66w13vilg-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/BPR-DeirdreBarrett-Autosaved.pdf

Dave also mentioned it here:


It seems to be sleeping in an upright lotus position, not dreaming and not being in an REM state. Google searches shows it to be related to buddhism

I was able to find this related study:

full text:


  • Here's the transcript from #464:

    Yeah, you're probably just glad you can go to sleep because you're little worn out after
    that. At least that was my experience.
    Now, one of the most incredible books on dreaming that I've read was a book on
    Tibetan sleep yoga. This is an obscure book. I read it maybe 10 years ago and I'll get the
    exact title, but it's probably called Tibetan sleep yoga if I remember right. This was a guy
    who is a lama somewhere and he starts out the book saying, "Look, I'm a really busy
    guy. All day long, I'm teaching and I'm being a monk and all those things, so I found I
    didn't have time for meditation. Now, when I go to sleep, I do all my meditation while
    I'm asleep because I'm actively dreaming the entire time I'm asleep. So, I do all of my
    personal enlightenment process work while I'm just like essentially sitting in lotus pose
    while I'm asleep."
    He was sleeping lying down but in his dreams, he's full on meditating consciously. Is this
    just like a half-human sort of person or is this a state that maybe people listening to the
    show could achieve or like, "Wow, I actually can consciously either work on my personal
    development process, or like, "Put all those eight hours of nightly downtime. Can I put
    those back in the production?" Is this possible? Do you know anyone who does this?
    Deirdre: Yeah. Probably if you devote your entire life to studying Tibetan Buddhist practices, you
    could. I don't think it's easy for most people to learn to do the things that they are
    talking about, and the Tibetan Buddhist have all kinds of dream practices and different
    branches of them seem quite different. They're way more interested in dreams than
    Buddhist or other branches of Buddhism.
    But actually, there are two books out there by Tibetan Buddhist monks that have pretty
    much the title Tibetan Dream Yoga but they differ by one word and I'm not keeping
    them straight right now. One is by a Tibetan who has settled in Virginia and has his main
    center out of Virginia. And his book is all about how you're supposed to, as you fall
    asleep and meditate on different like the heart chakra with the red lotus there, while
    breathing through your left nostril, and lying on your right side to induce a certain kind
    of dream. All this sort of position, nostril, chakra and color will produce certain kinds of
    dream content. It's this like very precise obsessive system of having the dream you're
    supposed to have next.
    And then the other one is probably the one that you're talking about or maybe there's a
    third where there's a lot more emphasis on developing lucid dreaming. It's actually
    advocating lucid sleep in general, but you should learn to be aware as you're falling
    asleep and watching yourself sleep. But also, that's the one that talks a fair bit about
    how you can learn to do your meditations in your sleep.
    Dave: Yeah. That's the one I read.

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