bulletproof coffee and stored fat

Is it true that if i have BPC it will not break my fast BUT it will slow my fat loss because my body will have no need to utilize the stored fat if it is receiving fat from my BPC. I got into this to get my body to burn the fat I have! Im doing intermittent fasting. Typically 16/8 . How can i enjoy BPC and still make sure my body is making its own ketones and melting this stored fat? I am eating keto when I eat.


  • The fact that the body doesn't have to work much different, while still burning fat, after your BPC is perfect. Meaning after the supplied(BPC) is utilized, the stored fat will readily be utilized, with less effort and blood sugar fluctuations; resulting in more Bulletproof/Keto/Paleo of the benefits, than just fat reduction. In conjunction with the BPC a low-carb brunch/lunch will also simulate/promote a fat burn environment.

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