New to Bulletproof . Best prep for a long contractor exam? 2 weeks prepping time

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Hello everyone . This is my first post in the forum .
Looking for ways to be better prepared for a big exam ( open book, 125 questions , 7 1/2 hours ) i found out about Dave Asprey and biohacking . Listened to Game changers and Headstrong ( just completed last night ) audiobooks.
While being ‘open book ‘ may look like is easy , isnt . There is 5 books and near a thousand pages to search the answers.

I already added blueberries and avocado to my diet and cutting off sugar . I got Kerrygold grass fed butter , going to get raw honey to help with sleep ( so far, been drinking 1/2 glass of almond milk before bed)
Im planning to order today bulletproof coffee and brain octane

For the studying itself , im doing the speed reading method of using my finger as guide and going as fast as possible.

My question will be : Whats is the best bulletproof strategy to maximize study time and to be on the best shape on exam day ( it starts at noon if that matters)?

Thank you for all your help


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