Hi everyone,

For some reason I don't get along with drinking water on its own. Filtered or not. It dries my mouth and throat out and end up getting headaches. I have to mix with juice (cordial) to get my intake of water, although not happy about the intake of sugar, albeit being low. Also sparkling water is ok.

I have tried looking everywhere for an explanation. I am not sure if it is associated with mouth feel or something else.

I do have asthma and mouth breathe at night which I am starting to look at through the Buteyko breathing method. Apparently around 50% of people are over breathing leading to asthma, mouth breathing, less energy due to inefficient CO2/O2 transfer in the alveoli. Fascinating subject but not sure if connected. If I have been mouth breathing or many years could this affect how water feels when I drink it?

Anyone else have any experience like this?


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