Chronic fatigue

If anyone could please tell me what they have done that truly, sincerely increased their energy, I would greatly appreciate it. Even though I have tried countless things, I’m at the point now where I’m suicidal.


  • Thank you to all who have looked at this and didn’t bother responding to a suicidal individual

  • First of all, zbt82, don't panic.
    CFS is a tough one, I find I suffer more in the colder months, as I lose energy quickly. Calories are a unit of energy to provide heat and if I don’t eat enough and get cold then the symptoms appear again. These are feeling a bit sick. Unable to do certain things as my legs feel like lead and just not be able to carry out normal everyday things. Something such as washing up, felt like I had to climb a mountain.

    It’s hard to know what to say, other than take each day as it comes and rely on relatives and friends to help you as much as possible.

  • Sometimes this condition can be changed with deep sleep. Your body has exhausted its physical and emotional resources and you need to replenish them. The use of bath mixtures helped me in my time - I took a hot bath and immediately went to bed. I spent two weeks in this mode, but I managed to turn the tide. In the end, I realized that my work doesn't suit me and found a new one)

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