Max Collagen Dosage?

I'm not sure how ambiguous of a question this is considering how everyones metabolism is different, lean body mass, how much they are training, injuries, etc...

But is there an educated guess on how much collagen protein I can take before it's redundant? I'm 200lbs fairly lean, active...and the past few months I've been nursing an inguinal hernia which I just recently realized what it actually was.

Looking to help recover and repair the strongest/quickest way possible overall...if not for healing as is...maybe thinking of quickest/fullest recovery if surgery ends up being needed.

I just started taking 2.5 scoops for 33g bp collagen protein with my bfast coffee and a couple of eggs for breakfast. And another scoop right before bed to help provide substrate for recovery while I sleep w/o (hopefully) throwing off digestion or circadian rhythm etc

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