Inguinal Hernia Non Surgical Options OR Best Recovery If Surgery Is Needed

Found and read a few related threads on hernias and post surgical recovery hacks.

Wanted to post for any fresh new info though

Been 6 months maybe a bit more since I first noticed an issue, though ignored it considering it didn't cause any pain whatsoever. Kept working out as usual which in hindsight was a mistake, especially heavy deadlifts and squats.

Recently went the home doc route and started googling symptoms, then called up an ER doc buddy of mine and went over the same, both came to same conclusion...inguinal hernia on left side.

Goes away visually/feeling when I lay on my back but when standing or going about my day it often is bulged out a bit. I can still push it back in easily enough but it doesn't stay there usually. Only a slight bit of discomfort has started the past couple of weeks. I WAS working out still which I have discontinued, but still working on a rather dynamic physical labor family project, and started a rather vigorous new sex life around the same time.

I realize it may likely be a spammy/scammy way to just sell supplements or gear etc and I don't want to just be grasping at straws here out of desperation, but came across this guy using yoga exercises to help get things back in place and heal up...ridiculous or possible?

Other than that, eating mostly BP, taking extra collagen protein now, and going to do poliquins high dose glutamine protocol to help heal up gut and related tissues too. And generally take extra BCAA especially around workouts.

I take what I feel is one of the few 'good' multi vits made by poliquin to fill in the gaps...along with extra cod liver oil/a/d/mag/hcl and plenty of kerrygold and home made cultured veggies for vitk.

Going to get a joov light

Going to see a chiro for the first time in decades as my spine is visibly off and hip flexors and pelvis out of wack as well for a while.

Asked an ART professional and she said surgery was the only option she knew of vs anything she could do.

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