Autoimmunity and alcohol in extracts/tinctures

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Hello forum!

So I am trying to lower my possible condition of autoimmunity in gut, lungs and brain,
even before I would be able to be free from work enough to go to functional medicine doctor and do the tests.
I am using Hemp oil extract, ketogenic diet, rosemary oil, chlorella powder, spirulina powder and others.

I bought Cordyceps double extract and it contains max 35% alcohol in dose of 1 milliliter.
Generally, I have indigestion, slow bowel movements and gut problems
so I react badly to alcohol when I make rare mistakes of drinking alcohol and then I need to clear it out by charcoal and B3 (niacinamide)
to feel at least some fluent intelligence in my mind and not be slow and inflamed.

So I feel that 0.3 ml of alcohol daily is not for me, especially being on ketosis (hopefully), and at the same time this cordyceps extract
might work revelations on my autoimmunity.

When I should take 1 o 2 ml of this extract - during stronger ketosis, or during milder ketosis?
When moving in night-shift work, or before sleep and when eating cooled-of rice with oils and herbs in the morning?
When having some chlorella powder in order to provide carbo to detoxify these 0.35 ml of alcohol from my body?
How would you approach taking alcohol tinctures to neutralize alcohol?

Thank you

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