Viome or KetoMojo for weight loss? If you had to choose one or the other....

I have been following Bulletproof and intermittent fasting (5 days) for over two years. I am a 50 yr old female and post menopausal. I am 5'6" and 184lbs. I have lots of extra fat and am obviously having an inflammatory reaction to something. Being that I have limited funds I am unable to utilize every known hack and test that I am familiar with. My doctors have the "your blood work is fine. You're getting old get used to it" frame of mind. I can spend about $150 in efforts to solve the mystery. I would love some input as to whether I should I purchase KetoMojo to verify ketosis and test glucose for food intolerances or should I opt for Viome to learn more about my gut? I appreciate all input. Thanks so much!


  • Hi Rebeccashops, I'm debating about ordering a Viome test myself and curious to hear about others' experiences. A lot of big names are behind it, including Asprey as well as Mark Hyman and more. But I've read really mixed things on line. Some talk about DayTwo, uBiome,, and GI Map. I hope others comment! Cheers.

  • Yes. I'm researching too. Please comment if you have had experience with Viome or any of the other tests that kindlylooella has mentioned.

  • I'm awaiting Viome results right now- and I'm also trying to utilize 23&me and previous Genova testing to guide me in my journey with health, nutrition, etc. I have incorporated some variation of Weston A. Price, Bulletproof IF, Hyman "Pegan" type of nutrition for a number of years and still have some concerns around the "APOE" 2/4 genotype with regards to high consumption of saturated fat. Also, I love foods high in oxalates & lectins and am curious about how my body is handling them. I will follow up with my experience with Viome (stool & IGG food sensitivity testing) when the results come in.

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