MCT Oil Versus Coconut Oil

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How is MCT oil different from coconut oil and why is it preferred to make bulletproof coffee?

I have made it both ways and got far better results with the coconut oil. Just wondering if I'm missing something? Thank you for all replies.


  • Coconut oil is wonderful and if you want only lauric acid, then coconut oil is a great choice. Lauric acid has a few antimicrobial benefits, but it’s not the most effective way to fuel your brain and body. It does NOT create energy in the brain the way that biological true MCTs, such as XCT or Brain Octane, do.

    So if you want lauric acid – and you do because it definitely has some benefits – then don’t waste your time and money separating it out of coconut oil with other MCT oils on the market -- just eat some coconut oil. And enjoy that coconut oil, because it’s both delicious and abundant in this nice fat. :)

    You can get abundant lauric acid by just eating a tablespoon or two of coconut oil; there is no benefit to refining it and buying it separately when it’s so common in plain coconut oil. If you use cheap lauric acid to cut the potency of true biological MCT oil, you’re making it so weak that you’re not going to feel the energy effects that come from the much more powerful C8 or C10 MCTs found in XCT or Brain Octane.

    MCT oil that’s cut with the cheaper lauric acid will only be about 1.5-2x as strong as coconut oil, but it will be far cheaper to produce.

    Bulletproof XCT oil is 6x stronger, and Bulletproof Brain Octane is up to 18x stronger.

    If you’re ready to give MCT oil a try, I recommend going right for the Bulletproof products. You can discover the best ways to use MCT oils here:

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