Brain Octane Expiration Dates?

We all know about food that is good for months past the expiration dates, and medications that are good for years past.

I just discovered a mostly full bottle of Brain Octane that expired in November from an earlier attempt at trying the bulletproof coffee thing. From my amazon purchase history I can see that I bought it in April 2017, and it has probably been open in my kitchen cabinet since.

So, what do you say? Drink, or don't drink?


  • If there is no rancid smell, I would use it - it is not an animal fat.

  • DanielBPDanielBP Admin
    edited August 7

    Its quality will degrade over time, but the product should be safe to consume if stored properly.

    MCT oils should be stored in a cupboard, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. The pantry is the ideal place, but the kitchen is fine too.

  • I decided to finish it before buying the next bottle. So far no ill effects. @dancecosta any idea what that half-life curve looks like? I've been having a little trouble staying full via bulletproof intermittent fasting in the morning, but there was also a medication change around the same time as the change to the old bottle, so it's hard to know what to attribute it to.

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