Folate B9 deficiency

So I've got some folate deficiency (6.3 nmol/ml) but my B12 was fine. I have been dealing with anxiety (mostly physical symptoms) for a few months now and I strongly suspect it's because of some deficiencies or something tho might have started with stress and trauma. It creeps up on me out of the blue, feeling of tight chest, digestion gets fired up , I loose my appetite and I can't relax. I'm on sertraline but it doesnt work anymore. I do have trichotillomania but that's the least of my problems actually. When I don't have these anxiety symptoms (days inbetween) I'm very calm, and always tired. I was hoping the folate deficiency could be the source of my unease but I read that if that was the case I would feel better within a few days after starting supplementing folate. I have been doing that for a week now (methylated b-complex) and still have these symptoms, tho maybe a little bit less. Could the folate supplementation take longer to work?

P.s. The doctor said my thyroid is fine and so was my iron/ferritin.

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