Night medication with food

I’m looking for an answer to whether it is possible for me to live bulletproof or if I just have to give that up.

Right now I work second shift and was doing intermittent fasting experimenting with skipping breakfast or skipping dinner. Well one of the medications I take has to be taken at night with food. When I wasn’t taking it with food I started to relapse. I tried taking it at dinner at work but became too drowsy to drive home. So most nights I’m taking it with food and going straight to bed so both eating after dark and within three hours of bed. I’ve tried to work with my doctor but she doesn’t think intermittent fasting is good for me, doesn’t see anything wrong with eating late, and the medication I’m on is the only one that has worked.

I want to lose weight and feel better and was hoping a bulletproof lifestyle would work for me but I don’t know how to make that possible right now. Let me know if I’ve got to put that on hold or if there are any suggestions to make it work.

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