Which wins......Carb Type or Fat Type?

Sweet Potato Chips with ‘Bad Oil’ vs Potato Chips with ‘Good Oil’?

If deciding between the below two types of packet chips which would you choose?

'Green' starch with 'Orange' Fat
'Yellow' starch with 'Green' Fat

Does carb type win over fat or vice versa?

Does organic vs non organic win no matter what carb/starch or oil?

Sweet Potato Chips:
Ingredients: Organic Sweet Potato, Organic Sunflower oil, Sea Salt

Potato Chips:
Ingredients: Potatoes, Avocado Oil, Sea Salt

Thanks in advance for your contributions :)


  • Are you wanting to do a Keto Life change?

  • Hey Joseph,
    Not looking for a big change....we've been IF and eating fairly 'bulletproof' for about 6-7 years.....always trying to stay up to date with latest adjustments, learnings. :)
    Just looking for opinions on when we have a re-feed meal whether we'd be causing less inflammation if we choose the oil or carb as the priority ingredient......potatoes with 'better' oil vs sweet potatoes with 'lesser' oil

  • DanielBPDanielBP Admin
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    Everyone is unique. If having one of those in your life is important to you at this moment, then I would experiment with one product at a time. See how you feel. Go with the option that makes you feel more awesome.

    There are sweet potato chips that are cooked in coconut oil, which if you are going to eat a chip like this, it's my preference for sure:

    I am referring to these: https://thrivemarket.com/p/jacksons-honest-potato-chips-sweet-potato-chips

    I can typically find them at a Whole Foods or local coop.

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