Eating Fat After Bulletproof Coffee

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If you eat foods that are effectively all fat, after your bulletproof coffee, will it have the same effects, e.g. mental clarity?

According to Dave's "Definitive Guide to Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting,"

if you consume fat while you’re fasting, but don’t eat protein or carbs, your body will essentially stay in a fasted state without raising insulin or digesting protein in the liver.

That would seem to be pretty definitive, but I've never seen anyone discuss this, so I wanted to get some feedback from folks with a bit of experience in the space, particularly since it's hard to truly get 100% fat unless you want to drink more oils. Since I started taking some sleep medication I wake up with something a bit hangover-like that leaves me wanting more than the butter and MCT oil in the BPC. I've been thinking about eating things like olives, which are basically all fat and fiber; mayo - I make my own which is all fat with the exception of one raw egg per ~12 oz of mayo; labne (1 g carbs, 1 g protein per oz); macadamia nuts/butter; etc. Obviously some not-fat must be ok since coffee has carbs.

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