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Have you seen this movie? If you havnt seen it, it’s a vegan inspiration that demonizes eating meat and animal protein. Suggesting it’s all bad without considering quality. The point that came across to me was to eat more vegetables and raw foods. A good motivation. Which really pisses me off because the premise of the movie is that vegans are better athletes. The carnivore diet episode was right on time. Specially I’m qurious as to the what was called TMAO, hetereocyclic amines, heme iron, neu5gc, endotoxins, and AGEs. I’m not sure if science supports most of the claims made when considering quality and source of animal protein. I just really want to see this film picked apart, even though the message that came across to me was eat more vegetables and consider quality more. Any thoughts? It sounded like a bunch of vegan propaganda.


  • We are not always going to agree 100% with one another. Find gratitude for different perspectives and choose what you would like to integrate into your own life to make yourself feel awesome. Sometimes that comes with trial and error as you experiment with new diets or lifestyle approaches. I find organic veggies are super important in my diet. I feel off when I neglect vegetables. Considering the quality of meat is 100% a Bulletproof approach to diet too.

    Here is an example looking at grass-fed beef stats:

    If you have time to check out this podcast on mitochondria, health and vegetables, it may be worth it based on your curiosities:

    A more recent podcast reflects a perspective on carnivore diet and kicking veggies to the curb:

    I hope you can dive into some of this information.

    I am curious if there are any other thoughts from the Bulletproof Forums Community?! Would love to hear it.

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    I'd like to see Dave's science up against this movie's science. They actually did take into account quality of meats - they used grassfed grass finished beef and organic chicken in their performance experiments. Like any documentary they make a convincing argument - they leave people confused about whether eating ANY meat is necessary or good for performance. I'm not convinced about removing my quality meats, but it was a good reminder to incorporate much more fresh veggies into every meal. Could Dave address this movie's claims?

  • Yes, please. I would love a post or even a podcast on this very topic. Veggies are great, but this was some old-school East Coast–West Coast hip hop rivalry. I think they called us out! And, it's called "Game Changers" for goodness sake. Please and thank you.

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