Game Changers Movie

Have you seen this movie? If you havnt seen it, it’s a vegan inspiration that demonizes eating meat and animal protein. Suggesting it’s all bad without considering quality. The point that came across to me was to eat more vegetables and raw foods. A good motivation. Which really pisses me off because the premise of the movie is that vegans are better athletes. The carnivore diet episode was right on time. Specially I’m qurious as to the what was called TMAO, hetereocyclic amines, heme iron, neu5gc, endotoxins, and AGEs. I’m not sure if science supports most of the claims made when considering quality and source of animal protein. I just really want to see this film picked apart, even though the message that came across to me was eat more vegetables and consider quality more. Any thoughts? It sounded like a bunch of vegan propaganda.


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