The dog constantly begs for food. Is she hungry?

Begging in dogs is a matter of upbringing. Unlike cats, dogs generally feel poor satiety and can eat as long as food is placed in the stomach. If the dog constantly requires food, it is worth going to the veterinarian, because the problem may be related to health. If the dog drowned and left and went to bed without receiving supplements, everything is in order.


  • they’ll eat everything you put in front of them, whether they’re hungry or not. There may be a grain of fact to it, but no longer all puppies are voracious ingesting machines. A few are perfectly content to snack from their bowl once they sense the urge and others will prevent when they feel full, now not going again for seconds at all.

    In this page, However there are clearly plenty of puppies to give a few fact to the cliché. Irrespective of how well fed they're, they may by no means turn down more, and it’s quite clean to imagine them wolfing down food until they explode. It seems like the dog is hungry all of the time.

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