How to calculate the amount of natural feed for dog?

The amount of food for the whole day is considered as follows:

Puppies under 6 months - 6% of the dog’s weight
Dogs from 6 months old - 3-4% of the dog’s weight
That is, if you have a two-year-old Jack Russell weighing 8 kg, he should be given 250-300 grams of food. But since this breed is known for its hyperactivity, the portion can be increased.


  • There are varying reviews approximately the quantity of uncooked food to feed dogs, and the quantity can range pretty a bit with the metabolism and hobby degree of your pet. Every day feeding pointers may also vary by producer. The quality manner to determine how a great deal uncooked meals to feed your dog or cat is to intently watch your pet’s weight for the first month to six weeks on the brand new food plan by means of both weighing them a few times in line with week or checking them physically (experience ribs, hips, and so forth.) for symptoms of weight benefit or loss and adjusting your feeding practices accordingly. For more information

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