LED Face Masks For Anti-Aging?

Has anyone ever used an LED face mask before? Specifically for anti-aging benefits. The red light is supposed to help build collagen in the skin as a supplement to how our body normally creates it. I know taking collagen orally is supposed to help as well as creams / serums. However, I've seen a lot of celebrities over the past couple of years post about using the red LED face masks for anti-aging. Can anyone share their experience?


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    I've actually used an LED face mask for awhile now. I think it's going on 2 years-ish. Personally, I do take collagen supplements and use all of the normal anti-aging stuff people do. I use my mask for 20 minutes a couple of times per week and I've noticed a difference in the way fine lines are reduced in my face. Luckily I started on it early so I'm hoping that they will stay that way for as long as possible. I have heard it helps with deeper wrinkles because a lot of day spas use them in treatments. Pretty sure I bought my LED face mask here: https://ledfacemasks.com. There are also other colors which are beneficial. There's more information on that site and I think it's, in my opinion a good price and well worth it.

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