Trying to Bio-hack away my recent acid reflux from Bulletproof Coffee

Normally I don't get acid reflux from BP coffee when I've been consistently eating good (between Bulletproof and nose-to-tail carnivore) but my work schedule the past couple months has forced me off track and I'm in the process of trying to repair my baseline gut health.

Usually I only get really bad reflux from BP coffee when I've had processed food in the previous days or eaten really late the night before and while my diet the last couple days hasn't been perfect, it is relatively non-offensive to my gut, hasn't been causing me reflux and I've been making sure to give myself a good 6 hours before sleeping.

Waking up my guy should be mostly clear of any offending foods from the previous evening.

This time around though I am getting very aggressive acid reflux from even small amounts of BP coffee and I could use some targeted advice because I am already working with everything out there.

First I started adding my Betaine HCL, one capsule at a time, 30 minutes apart (yeah the reflux lasts for more than several hours, that's why it is a serious problem worth addressing/hacking) and it definitely makes the acid reflux worse. I've tried this at least a half a dozen different occasions trying to control for different variables. My initial thinking that higher stomach acid would help increase my body's bile production to break down the fat.

Upon refreshing my knowledge of resources on the subject and taking a closer look at my Betaine HCL supplement, it does not include Pepsin for some stupid reason (good job Natural Factors....) so I went out and got an enzyme today with Pepsin, Lipase and Ox Bile extract to help with breaking down fat.

Each capsule contains:

20k usp pc - protease
20k usp agu - amylase
1.6k usp lu - lipase
105.3mg betaine hcl
64.8mg 10:1 ox bile extract
32.4mg Pepsin A
3.84mg Papain

I'm wondering if maybe I need to up the pepsin and lipase more specifically. Or even add more ox bile? I just got the results back from my guy intelligence test with Viome and my intestinal barrier health is particularly poor. That makes sense given the hcl without pepsin was extremely irritating to my gut.

I have been backing off on the amount of fat in my coffee but not noticing that it is having much of an effect. At this point I've taken 10 of those digestive enzyme capsules with half my regular BP coffee and I'm barely keeping the reflux at bay. Every time it comes back steadily for more than a few minutes I take 2 more capsules and I'm waiting for a good 10 minutes without reflux and then trying a few more sips of coffee.

I normally add the following to the coffee:

1 tbsp grass fed butter
1.5 tbsp brain octane
1/2 tbsp cacao butter
1/2 tsp celtic sea salt
1/2 tsp 4sigmatic 10 mushroom blend
2 scoops bulletproof collagen
1 scoop bulletproof innerfuel
few pinchs organic sri-lankan cinnamon to taste

This is the same coffee I was making 6 weeks ago when I did the Viome test and was experiencing no acid reflux from the coffee or otherwise (unless I had like pizza or something the night before). But not every morning I drink my coffee feels like the same amount of acid reflux as if I still had undigested pizza in my stomach.

I wish I could afford the BiOptimizers KaPex supplement or some P3-OM but unfortunately the international shipping to Canada costs me almost an extra $80 just to get anything I order here so it's not like I can pay double for just one or two supplements, but I can't afford to do a bulk order from BiOptimizers right now (which I would usually do, because their P3-OM and MassZymes have always just turned my gut into like an invincible digestion machine).

Anyways, I would greatly appreciate some ideas or directions to try approaching.

Next step is to cut down to base coffee tomorrow and slowly start adding things back in one at a time. My gut probably needs more time to repair while I take the pepsin, bile, etc. I noticed dandelion root is in KaPex so maybe I will try that as well. I should probably get a trace minerals supplement to add to my water as well so that my body can make more enzymes and whatnot.

After researching the subject, acid reflux is not uncommon for some people doing bulletproof coffee but the only recommendations out there are to ease off on the fat, take hcl with pepsin, get ox bile extract and an enzyme with lipase. I'm currently doing all of those things and the hcl certainly made the reflux worse (although admittedly in the absence of pepsin). Also all the discussions are more than a few years out of date so I hope anything we learn here can hopefully provide new knowledge to anyone else on the internet searching around for help to this issue.



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    Hey man. I've been there. The most successful supplement for controlling reflux that I've found, in 7 years of experience with reflux, is krill oil. Mercola's is the best. If it doesn't help, just take more (sometimes I will take up to 8 capsules in a day—though if you take that much, I recommend some Mercola K2 to thicken the blood, as krill oil thins the blood out and you might get lightheaded from that much. The omega 3 seems to be alleviating the inflammation in the LES that allows it to open up. Also, it helps to control the bacteria in your gut which is causing gas and bloating, that ultimately lead to upward pressure in your GI. Unrefined virgin coconut oil helps with this (killing fermenting bacteria), too.

    I do not personally recommend MCT oil, though Dave Asprey, because in my own experience, refined coconut products give me liver/gallbladder distress. I am not sure why, but many other people I have met have experienced gallbladder/liver problems, even to the point of having to have it removed, from MCT oil.

    I have also personally not had luck with ox bile, but I have done very well with grass-fed beef or lamb pancreas supplements, which have the main three enzymes that help you digest.

    Hope this helps!

  • Ginger oil should do the trick too.

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