Whats the deal with Truedark Truelight does anyone have one (I do)

I like the device I got it on sale but a few things bother me about it

The power specs and ratings hide behind a "patent pending" so they say thats why they cant divulge such info and to not get to hung up on companies that publish power specs "its more that that" 2 things I have an issue with on this

patent pending: not sure the exact year I found it before but its been pending for 5-8 years

Dave asprey in a few ads he narrates before his podcast says stuff like "I like Joov because they publish all their power specs etc right on there website"

but his device specs are hidden

doesn't make sense and I like using it but what if its all BS, I should have bought a Joov but here I am (:


  • I haven’t got any good comment to the specs however I own a device myself and I love it. It is one of the few hacking items I have tried that I know and can feel is effective. I work as an air traffic controller and work sometimes nights. Due to small children I can’t always go to bed when I come home . If I get home and I am so tired and a headache I can take a 20 min session and I honestly feel totally refreshed. I love it and their glasses and their customer service!

  • thanks for your input

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