Vasectomy. Is It Safe? Long Term & Short Term Risks? Risks To Longevity?

Hey everyone!
My partner and I do not want to have children.
My wife has used the pill in the past however it makes her very moody and after research i am not that keen for her to take it. So I have been looking into getting a Vasectomy. I have read a lot of articles about the pros and cons. Seems like a fairly simple and common procedure however I am concerned about long term risks? Also I know this sounds a bit woo woo, but sex energy is one of the most powerful energies we can harness and am a bit concerned how a Vasectomy could effect this?

Anyone have any personal experience? (good or bad)
Any tips/advice?

Does anyone know where Dave Asprey stands on getting Vasectomies? (just curious)

Thank you

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