Best hotels near ranthambore national park

Away from the hue and cry of their busy life in big cities most working people like to flee to a quiet area where they could relax, love with their loved ones and come back to perform all rejuvenated. Kasauli a little city in the state of Himachal is one such heaven which is quite modern with all luxuries of life however very traditional, peaceful and away from the pollution of all sorts. Situated in the beautiful hills covered with tall trees, beautiful flowers and an assortment of flora and fauna this town is the best location for people in Delhi, Chandigarh and nearby places to sneak out at a weekend; even though this location attracts a massive number of tourists from all around the globe throughout the year particularly during the summers.

Living in Kasauli may be both expensive in addition to inexpensive, many different budget and luxury Kasauli resorts offer great deals for you and your family. Kasauli Castle Resort a well known three star hotel is one of the few that offer well furnished standard, premium, luxury deluxe rooms for 2 and luxury suites with structures to accommodate additional members. Modern amenities, fine dining restaurant, banquet facilities, safe parking area, physician on call facility, Wi-fi and internet facility, pool table, car rental, laundry facilities and a convention hall for your official assembly are available under the roof of the Kasauli hotel.

There are a lot of attractions in and around Kasauli you can visit during their stay; Sanawar; renowned for Lawrence school; Dagshai for its natural beauty full of oak and chestnut trees; Sabathu for its fort and cantonment setup from the British times; Monkey Point formed just like the foot of god Hanuman is the highest stage in Kasauli with a classic Hanuman Mandir; Christ Church in the British era and the Mall road for all you would like to store. Many Kasauli resorts also offer you the service to arrange for your trip to each of these places for site seeing.

Weather in Kasauli is agreeable most times of the season, and though summer is the best time of the year to enjoy; the cool and pleasant weather in winters are enjoyable too and the attractiveness adds on with infrequent snowing. For those fond of experience; hiking and swimming is an ideal activity to do in such forests, one may also choose from rock climbing, rock rappelling, rope bridge, paragliding and skiing once it snows for an adventurous Kasauli adventure.
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