How to Heal a Broken Collarbone Faster

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Hello All,

Long time lurker and listener to the podcast and first-time poster.

I recently broke my collarbone from a motorbike accident and had surgery to insert a stainless steel plate and screws to support proper alignment of the bone for healing.

I am curious for recommendations of biohacks that would support & expedite the bone healing process. Below is a list of the few I intend on deploying myself but I'm always open for more, especially if you have successfully biohacked broken bones and or surgeries before:

-PEMF daily from ICES M1 model directly on the bone
-10-15 minutes of red/NIR light therapy on affected area from Joovv like device
-Sleepimg on a grounding mat
-Supplement extra collagen powder, grass fed bone meal, vitamin C, minerals, and magnesium
-Sleeping more as I've noticed my body is much more tired since the accident
-Meditate on healing, sending love to the affected area, and visualizing myself strong & supple again

I'm also trying to have a caloric surplus to give my body extra resources for repair. I try to eat clean/bulletproof but I am a perpetual world traveler so sourcing the cleanest ingredients and being able to cook at home with your dominant arm in a sling is not easy!

Any feedback is much appreciated, thank you in advance!

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