Staying Bulletproof Vs Enjoying A New Culture And Living Your Life

Curious what people say on this subject....for Me personally Life's too damm short to not enjoy a new cultures food a little bit just to stay 100% BP,I mean what's the point of being that healthy if You cant enjoy Your life little?


  • i recently read a book called the yoga of eating and basically that book would say try the food if you want to. It's that simple. And don't beat yourself up for doing it afterward. How did the food taste? How did it make you feel afterward? Basically eat what you want, after all dave says being bulletproof is a spectrum. I went on a skii vacation over winter break and there was this sugar waffle stand on the peak of the mountain. All my family had one and i spontaneously decided fuck it ill eat a sugar waffle. I enjoyed eating it very much but afterward i felt terrible. Now i don't eat sugar waffles. But i think the important thing was i enjoyed the waffle while i had it and i learned from that experience.
  • exactly can't be too uptight about this....
  • I agree.

    Eating some junk sometimes really reminds me of why I like to feel really awesome all the time! Sort of kills the craving after.

    Also, I would say that being Bulletproof is about being RESILIENT.. So test yourself! LOL

    It feels good to stay true to your standards, but it also feels good to give them up in certain contexts.. It's a swing.

    I would also say that it has to do with how your frame in in your mind. The problem with the DIETING mindset is that it is about what you CANNOT do and people basically can't stop looking at what they "CANNOT DO". However, it is possible not to focus on those things, and in fact, you can focus on engaging in the traveling experience as much as possible, being present, talking with people, being happy, and that is likely to be the key to enjoying your trip, yourself and others!

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