Is There An Mdma Hack Perhaps?

Just curious about this one. I've been experienced with mdma for around 15 years and have used it hundreds of times. Not so much in the last couple years because I'm getting older and the recovery is much harder than it used to be. Plus, I don't like draining all of my seretonin and dopamine all of the time.

That being said, are there any experienced users that are also biohackers? Have you found anything useful to enhance use or speed recovery? I know about all of the old school methods (vit C, Vit B, 5htp days after..etc). I plan on only doing it once or twice this year, but want to get away as clean as possible..if that can happen. Hope this question isn't to controversial!

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  • I preload with Milk Thistle and NAC as well as vitamin C to prevent damage, and use phenibut alongside the M to counteract the body/brain heat increase, which is also involved in the changes in brain chemisty it causes. Another important part is minding your dose carefully: measure out pure (or at least, consistent quality) M with a miligram scale, find your ideal dose and don't go over that. Popping pills until you feel good is a sure recipe for excessive dosing, which causes a much bigger mess to recover from.

    Uridine, choline and fish oil work well for recovery, after - especially combined in synergy with an NMDA antagonist, which is an almost all-purpose brain hack for restoring baseline after stress or chemical use.

    Lowering cortisol can also really help with some specific kinds of hangover nastiness. Depends what the hangover is like for you, personally.
  • Thank you! I will def try those things. I'll need to look up phenibut and Uridine, but other than that I should be able to give this a try. My ideal is usually between 100 - 200mg somewhere, usually split. The hangover is not too hard to handle, as long as I don't go overboard. It's just a little tougher at work sometimes. Other than that, it should be good.
    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

  • I've also been looking into this a little bit. It looks like ALA, B6, B12, Vitamin E, Tyrosine, L Carnitine,  5-HTP and antacids can be helpful as well.

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    I take some Piracetam and L-Theanine before taking it. The Piracetam kinda gives it a headier feeling, and seems to help me stay focused or on point. I don't handle stims too well these days due to over doing it a few years back. L-Theanine is dopaminergic so it will stimulate the receptors that are about to have tons of activity from MDMA releasing all of that dopamine.

    Afterwards I take an Animal Pak multi vitamin, and eat a large meal with absolutely no meat. Primarily potatoes, spinach, cauliflower, carrots, and some celery. The veggies are to help somewhat restore some balance to my brain chemistry, at least it seems to help afterwards as opposed to not doing anything.

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