Confused About Sweet Potato/yams

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I've just been looking at the diet infographic again, and after all the sweet potato/yam recommendations I've been reading, I noticed that they are actually in the yellow/orange part of the spectrum.

Looking at the other sections, it seems that oats and quinoa are greener than sweet potatoes and yams (as well as rice). In other words, they're MORE bulletproof.

I thought that oats were bad and rice and sweet potatoes were the way to go... it also shows that garlic and onions are greener too, which we're told are bad to eat.

Am I missing something? Am I better off carbing up on porridge?


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    The scales are independent of each other. In my opinion yams/sweet potatoes are preferred to Quinoa and Rice. I eat Sweet Potatoes strategically as a glycogen source in comparison to other vegetables . I eat steamed kale/collards anytime, snack on broccoli, a little with any meal, whenever. Yams are not an everyday occurrence and so lower on the vegetable scale.

    I can see how it is confusing though that the first two scales are labeled after macros and and then the predominate carb sources veggies/fruits/nuts/grain/dairy which also contains some fats/proteins are separate. I think your post just reminded me though that I use yams as my carb refueling source too often. Rice is delicious and I haven't had any for a couple months. I'm going to cook some rice on Sunday.
  • I don't really like the infographics, for me a list with why and why not would be better, or even better an app.

    But I see why he choose that layout, its easier for most to just glance at it when its taped to the fridge maybe.
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    I guess it's the best way to clearly show the over 1000 references or however many. I think they should be overlaid with each other - it doesn't make sense that oats might be worse than sweet potato because they are on different sections. Overlaying them shows oats as greener just as grass-fed beef is greener than deep-fried mars bars :-D


    I agree Pierre, some things are bulletproof because of weight loss, others because of mental performance, etc. Sometimes I just want a nice tasty meal and don't care if I'm not 100% performing for the next couple of days.


    Does anyone know where I can find those 1000 references? Maybe worth a dig through to answer my questions...

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