Mycotoxin Resistance

Regarding mycotoxins - is there a way to increase natural resistance? I like eating brazil nuts better than taking selenium pills. image/icon_e_smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-)' />


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    Dave mentions in podcast 10 : "They’re pretty high in unhealthy fats. One of them is not going to hurt you. Eat a whole bunch of them, who knows if it was moldy or not. I find there’s a lot of mycotoxin problems with Brazil nuts. They’re not very high on my list." and the co-host says : "I know Brazil nuts have selenium but they also have extremely high amount of omega-6, about 1 gram per Brazil nut, so it’s probably not a very good idea to be eating those ..."

  • I like Brazil nuts too, but they also happen to be high in mold toxins, among the other problems listed by Bill. Stick with supps.
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