Will Mct Oil Have A Negative Effect On Fasted Cardio?

Just a quick one. 


If you take 30g of MCT oil before fasted cardio, will it stop you burning your own fat stores?


Surely the body will use the energy from the MCT oil rather than from your own fat?


  • ^why would you tell someone something asides training?

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    I think it makes me leaner when I ski 5 plus miles in a MCT/Coffee fasted state and eat carbs and protein afterwards. I do want look lean but I ski to be in nature for the meditative/recreation/fresh air sort of thing.


    Experimenting with fasted "cardio" is an interest of mine right now. Within a five mile ski I do some sprints but the bulk of the session is a fairly slow hiking pace up and down terrain. I feel like this type of fat fasted exercise has consequences on my muscle mass and I should supplement BCAA before skiing. It's something I'm considering. I definitely have no problems with energy levels though up to 8 miles.

  • I'm not sure what you mean so I will guess. Most people, especially here, will turn this thread into a "don't do cardio" argument when he is asking about MCT. I was just clarifying that I trust people's personal choices unless they are asking, there is a difference between "when I do cardio, should I ..." And "when should I do cardio?" .

    seriously?  i understand no long/hard cardio, as i know what triath training does to your body.  but no cardio is an absurd notion (train the muscles, but not the heart?  meh)

    kudos to you for not throwing advice where it wasn't asked for tho, forums could have half the bs cut out if everyone did so!



    on-topic: i have a great physique, ie gaining more muscle or losing more fat will detract from my physique at this point.  ANYWAYs, i wasn't trying to make this happen, but an absurd scenario made yesterday become a 24hr (almost exactly, lol, 7a-7a) period of zero carb, no food, only fluids/vitamins and a lil whey here/there (probably some coffee/butter but cannot remember).  I was surely in ketosis when i woke and began this fast, but i went HARD for 24hrs straight, TONS of energy expenditure.  Results?  i am scary-shredded today.  like fitness-competitor level, lol.  had NO idea how quickly this could happen (as i've never been low-enough carb to hit ketosis w/ regularity, let alone enter a 24hr trip on ketosis and just be bonkers all day)

    i always 'knew' ketosis was very good for cutting, but i never had personal reason to care re cutting.  this happened by accident, but i am simply blown away by how i look in teh mirror now (actually look too cut right now)

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    There has been some interesting new studies on fasted endurance training. I couldn't track down the exact post I was looking for but Mark's Daily Apple discusses it in brief here: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/monday-musings-thoughts-on-fasted-training/#axzz2LSXo1NOw

    edit - This must be the primary source I was referring to: http://www.leangains.com/2010/05/fasted-training-boosts-endurance-and.html Leave it to Berkhan to do all things fasted.
  • MCT burns body fat along with using these calories to power through your workout..  MCT/black coffee preworkout is great...

  • MCT burns body fat along with using these calories to power through your workout..  MCT/black coffee preworkout is great...

    Add some biotin & ECGC too!
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