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What is everyone's preferred first meal of the day, aside from the BP coffee? Eggs seem like an option, but I am not particularly fond of them and have seen references on Pub Med that at least some studies have tied egg consumption to a higher risk of developing lethal prostate cancer (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21930800.

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  • I would be incredibly curious to know the quality of the eggs, and the controls in the study. For example, Taubes explains in "Good Calories, Bad Calories" that a high fat diet is healthy, however a high fat diet in conjunction with grains and high GI foods will certainly cause health issues. Also, a high fat diet may curb appetite, but a high fat diet with insulin producing foods will allow the person to eat not only more, but also maintain hunger. So long as the study measures people on the "SAD" diet, I don't think the results have much substance (unless you are sponsored by a pharmaceutical or government agency!).

    I honestly have found NO better breakfast than eggs and bacon. I don't like plain eggs. My favorite recipe is eggs cooked in bacon grease. I have successfully fasted for 24 hours without getting cravings off this breakfast. To change it up, I cook the eggs in grass fed butter or virgin coconut oil. Also, I love mixing it with other veggies for more flavors. I will say that the BPC is probably going to replace this for my meals however, as I have felt awesome after this!

    Think high fat in the morning. I eat avocados as a meal if I need "fast food." If I could not have eggs and bacon, I would probably eat "lunch" for breakfast and/or make a protein shake (although I am loving the same shake with egg yokes added to it!).
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    Thank you for all your feedback and I agree with your thoughts on studies such as these. The more important point of my original post is that I am not really fond of eggs, so was seeking ideas as to other quick and easy breakfast options.

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  • My breakfast right now goes something like this:

    Coconut milk (no BPA, still has xantham gum) with

    -two egg yolks

    -1Tbs coconut oil

    -1Tbs MCT

    -Some butter and a couple of Tbs of other oils

    -Cinnamon, turmeric other stuff I come up with

    Easy to make and satiating
  • If I eat too many eggs, eggs and bacon or frittata !!! I need a change, I sometimes have some berries, coconut flakes, nuts and seeds, pour over some almond or coconut milk, xylitol and cinnamon or vanilla, it is just like morning cereal!

    Alternatively I make some paleo friendly muffins made with coconut flour and serve those with nuts and berries. Breakfast can get a bit boring
  • Since I started having BP coffee in the morning, I'v abandoned breakfast altogether. And I'm neither hungry nor lacking in energy. Saves me a whole bunch of time!
  • Eggs, bacon, steak, and any other form of grass-fed goodness is preferred. The study you referenced is observational, which means it doesn't prove anything.
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