Bp Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Joe E.Joe E.
edited February 2013 in Recipes

For Valentines Day this year.  I was in a pinch, needed something fast.  Had frozen strawberries from Costco in the freezer, some Upgrated BP cacao butter and powder.  


I put my oven on 170.  

Thawed the strawberries out and melted the cacao butter at the same time.  

I just grabbed a couple big chunks.  Then mixed in a couple teaspoons of BP chocolate powder.  

Mixed it up well, added a dash of Himalayan salt.  Poured the chocolate over the strawberries, not enough to dip.  

Chilled in the fridge for an hour or so.

Separated the strawberries, remelted the chocolate in the microwave (I know, a sin.)

Recovered them again, chilled them again.

I bought a little confectionary box at the Halmark store and with some tissue paper, placed the choc covered strawberries in there.

Instant success!!


Yeah me!!!!



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