There sure are a lot of ground spices in Dave's cookbook.... The infographic & shopping list say powdered spices are the most risky. So... I'm supposed to be grinding clove, coriander, cumin etc myself? 


Do you? What do you use, a coffee grinder?


  • Okay, thanks - and do you use a coffee bean grinder or...

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    Joanna, depends on your blender. Most have a dry spice grinder attachment. 


    Another tip: i use a separate little container to make the  spice mix/baste for the recipe... don't tip them in while it's all cooking. Firstly, you get a better measurement and secondly, you don't get steam going into your spice containers (creating mould).

    No sorcery, just science. 

  • Wowie-wow! This is so cool... found it when looking into spice-attachments for blender. This video shows how to use a Mason Jar for that:



  • YIKES! Maybe that's not an awesome idea after all... Unless this guy is making stuff up? Look how "Charles P Dog" narrowly escaped death using a Ball Mason Jar on his blender:

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    Jan 23, 2012 5:13:24 PM PST


    Yes, well keep this in mind. The other day I was grinding some

    ginseng root in a mason jar. I was holding it with my left hand to keep

    from spinning, because it doesn't have the tab that the plastic jars

    do. Suddenly, it exploded and glass flew everywhere including into my

    stomach and a small piece grazed my neck and a large piece stuck in the

    drywall (which could have struck my neck), my hand then fell on the

    spinning blade because the glass was vaporized, stopping it and cutting

    my hand all up. Five hours in emergency and seventeen stitches later

    I'm ok. If the glass flew in a different random pattern I would be

    dead. I consider myself very lucky. So much for the mason (mine was a

    Ball) jar idea.


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    Before I DIY anything, I always ask myself one question: How can this end badly? (sometimes this means I still go through with it... but there is probably beer and fire involved!)


    I took out a bottom shelf of my wardrobe, so I could add another bar to hang a second row of clothes on over the weekend.

    How could it end badly? I cut the bar to the wrong size or break a drill bit making guide holes. Either require another trip to the hardware store.


    How could modifying glass jars to fit onto a blender end badly?

    Holy shit. You've got glass that wasn't meant to be near high-speed metal coming close to high-speed metal. That's a trip to the emergency ward waiting to happen. All I can say for that is: LOL! I wish that guy YouTube'd what went wrong! There is nothing I love more than seeing stupid people get hurt doing stupid things.  :-P

    No sorcery, just science. 

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