Biofreeze Safety

Does anyone here use biofreeze or a similar product like icy hot? Is it safe to apply these chemicals regularly to the same area?


I use a power wheelchair and am not able to move around so much, and have developed arthritis in my shoulders. The pain has been getting increasingly worse, to the point where it is really distracting and making me quite irritable. I started using icy hot last week, and want to upgrade to biofreeze because I read it is longer lasting and smells better. If this take away my pain and allows me to focus better, is it worth the possible health risks? I don't think the biofreeze lotion really absorbs into your body, so as long as I am not developing a rash I should be okay I hope. Any thoughts or past experiences would be appreciated.

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  • TJ JTJ J skratta pa klocka

    are you taking fish oil (lots), collagen?  anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. 

    I've also seen Serrapeptase  talked about on the forum. Dave could put his foot behind his head during his two year no exercise experiment. I can't do that and I stretch or do some type of yoga pose every day.

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