Nootropic Stacking: Personal Experiences And Best Combination Results

So I'm looking to get into nootropics and I'm looking for the best results through stacking/combining different types.


From going through this and other brain hacking sources I intend on trying out the following combo (for no particular reason other than just having something to start working with):


Bulletproof Coffee (Upgraded Coffee + MCT Oil + Grass-fed Butter)


Alpha Brain from


Bulletproof Upgraded Brain (aka Aniracetam)


(I also intend on trying each separately and two at a time to track differences.)  


Has anyone tried this combo? What were your results?


At some point I intend on trying Provigil/Modafinil in a stack as well.


I would like this thread to be the place for people to talk about their own experiences with stacking nootropics and the following sub-topics:


-Best Combo/Best Results in your opinion

-Comparison between being on and off of the regiment 

-Ways to boost effects further

-Side effects (and if possible any other information like diet, exercise, pre-existing conditions, etc to help identify/rule out certain factors)

-Possible solutions to side effects

-Any other related sub-topic that anyone thinks is appropriate 


I think there's a pretty awesome community here that has some real insight into this subject and I would love to see if a consensus unfolds with a most effective method rising to the top of the discussion. 



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    This morning I had a couple of important copy writing assignments that required some creativity and focus. I took: 


    -upgraded coffee w/4 tbsp MCT oil 

    -2 raw yolks

    -Fish oil and d3

    -2x 750 mg aniracetam 


    This is my first experience with aniracetam. I feel incredible. I was able to complete the assignment and feeling clear headed. More so than when I only drink bulletproof coffee.  Adderall has been a problem for me causing headaches and overly suppressing my appetite.


    I have tried Alpha-Brain before I was eating primal or bulletproof and it didn't have much effect on me other than vivid dreaming. I suspect now that my cells are lined with healthy fats, I'm lean, muscular, and have been meditating often that nootropics have a much stronger effect on my cognitive function.

  • I've treid a few things. I'll try to be brief but comprehensive.


    Aniracetam+piracetam: taken with various choline sources, I saw more effects from the piracetam. However, I would get occasional jolts of pain in my eyes, similar to if I had been using snus too much.


    Snus: I lived in Sweden for two years and took to using snus (the real deal not the nasty American crap). A powerful nicotine delivery system with big effects on writing. I used it like a Norwegian fisherman (that means a lot) between 2009 and 2011. I took it again for about two months in early 2012, but my dentist scolded me for having some early signs of gum trauma so I stopped in a hurry. I've also tried nicotine patches, which give a similar though more drawn out effect, but sadly gave me a mild allergic reaction after a few uses.  Like I said, if I really went to town I'd get jolts of pain in my eyes randomly.


    Get Smart:A stack of various proven nootropics, mostly aniracetam, mild positive effect, but costly.


    Alpha Brain: Fairly noticeable effects, havent taken in a few weeks though. Will eventually buy individual ingredients and mess with the ratios. This stack really lowered my heart rate variability and hurt my sleep at first, but doesn't bother me now.


    Modafinil (ghetto Modalert brand): Pretty fucking amazing. Considerable focus increase, motivation and mood lift. However, it seems to tack an extra 10 bpm to my resting heart rate, which can take a few days to fully fade. Insomnia and tension headaches too. I am also persuaded by Tim Ferriss cautionary argument that there is almost always a clear correlation between the size of the effect and the size of the side effect, even if the side effect isn't clear. I probably took a total of 20 200mg, and 50 100mg doses since May or June 2012. The link between resting heart rate became unmistakable over that time, and I just had to stop, though I should add that I felt fine. I will probably only use this once or twice a year, for traveling or job interviews.



    Artichoke extract+forskohlii+L-phenylalanine: Just tried this yesterday. I was hoping to get a more mild version of modafinil out of it, for maybe weekly use. It did seem to have some positive mental effects (took the artichoke and forskolin with my BP coffee at maybe 6:30 AM and the l phenylalanine about an hour later). However, it jacked my heart rate up about 20 bpm. I have a fairly high resting heart rate (60-65 bpm) so I'm just not willing to take anything that raises it. My emwave-measured heart rate averaged 80 bpm at mid day, where upon I took steps to lower it and got it down to 72. It held around the low 70s in the evening, but I was defiantly more aware of my hear beating. No trouble sleeping, but my bmp were still a bit high today: 73 at 9am, 66 at lunch but thankfully only 62 bmp just now after a 5 minute session. However, my hear rate variability is still not great. I usually get 90+ high coherence on the low setting, but I just got 13-49-38. Lots of those red anomalies. I also got a tension headache in the afternoon, which had been rare now that I'm wearing an orthodontic splint from a top DMD (a TMJ issue from a screwed up bite).


    Lessons: I'm about done with nootropics for a while. I'll probably buy some alpha brain/ingredients, but I'm more interested in making the hardware work better through brain training tasks and biofeedback. I'm just too sensitive to these things, perhaps from using so much nicotine in 2009-2011. If you do choose to use these things, make sure to record your resting heart rate if nothing else. I'd also wished I had a blood pressure cuff. If you're going to play with these things, you should be aware of how they affect your body.

  • Fascinating posts guys, thanks! I'm hoping more people will post so we can start looking a trends and get a good discussion flowing.

  • Starting the following soon, will put up results as I feel them

    500mg sulbutiamine

    500mg centrophenoxine

    80mg noopept

    200mg pramiracetam

    2000mg flaxseed oil (omega 3)

    6000mg ginkgo biloba

    Ill take 1 day break every week
  • Starting the following soon, will put up results as I feel them

    500mg sulbutiamine

    500mg centrophenoxine

    80mg noopept

    200mg pramiracetam

    2000mg flaxseed oil (omega 3)

    6000mg ginkgo biloba

    Ill take 1 day break every week



    ^flaxseed is hardly nootropic and is a terrible source of o3's (it's primarily ALA, which the body has a terrible conversion ratio for)

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    I wish more people would get involved in this thread. I should have posted in it much sooner.


    1000-1500 mg of Aniracetam

    250-500 mg of Citicoline

    400 mg of L Theanine

    4-5 tbsps of ground GP Coffee

    4 gs Creatine

    30-40 Drops of Artichoke Extract

    30-40 drops of Froskohlii


    I'm still looking to add more to my stack. Improving brain function is the core of my BP lifestyle. So far so good.


    Jpirving, your results with froskohlii and artichoke are interesting. I don't have anything to monitor my heart heart with so I'm not sure if it's had that effect on me. Unfortunately, because this combo is so new and not many people have heartmath devices, I think you might one of the only (if not the one and only) person to have monitored your heart on this combo. I'd like to know more about that, and if those results are just unique to you or if they are more common.

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    i'll have some nootropic stuff to add relatively-soon, have some powders i need to arrive and play with for a few weeks!!  Right now my 'brain' stuff is mostly nutritional manipulation (which, i should note, is more effective than noots were to me like ~5yrs ago when i tried them extensively, but didn't have diet/training/sleep as dialed-in as I do now.  I definitely found piracetam/agpc combo useful back then but my more important factors were not as refined as they are now, and doing those* was far far more noticeable in cognition, mood etc than noots were)


    [*= ie structured bed-time and sleep-hours; IF/paleo; understanding how to dramatically limit damages while still having chemical fun (alcohol/etc); training smart; etc etc etc]

  • ^flaxseed is hardly nootropic and is a terrible source of o3's (it's primarily ALA, which the body has a terrible conversion ratio for)

    As a vegetarian is pretty much the only omega 3 source I can get
  • I wouldn't trumpet that around these boards lol, and i'd do something about that asap myself!  perhaps they make synthetic dha?  are you taking creatine?  

    Sorry but I'm not in a great spot to help a vegetarian..someone else may have more insight.

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    From my understanding a lot of Fish Oil capsules aren't actually from fish and the Omega-3's are synthetic or derived from other sources. I read about that a while back on longe or reddit not sure which.

  • ^sounds like blatant false advertising, like not the hyperbolic type that's the norm but legit, not-smart-for-business false advertising.  would like to hear confirmation if true!

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    Well I did a quick google of Vegan/Vegetarian Omega-3 and some stuff did pop up. I'm not sure about the reliability or truth behind it, just remembered seeing someone talk about it on a board.

  • Just started getting healthy when I heard Dave on JRE. It's been a couple months and I have been taking a few things.

    1/2 serving Nordic Naturals ProDHA 1000 - 180 EPA/900 DHA (serving is 2 1000mg gelcaps)

    1/2 serving Nordic Naturals ProEPA Xtra - 1060 EPA/300 DHA (serving is 2 1000mg gelcaps)

    GNC Men's Energy Multi-V

    Onnit Labs Shroomtech Immune

    Onnit Labs StronBone & Joint

    Uprgrdes Aging Formula

    I was taking nothing before this so I have noticed a great improvement in my physical and mental health. I'm also eating much better than I was. I try to eat 3 scoops of Amazing Meal superfood powder a week as well. I'm looking to add 2 new things. I just ordered:

    Onnit Labs Alpha Brain

    JL Nootropics Aniracetam

    Anyone see an issue with my stack or have any suggestions for me?
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    You could consider adding either Neuro Boost, since Piracetam will work very nicely with your stack considering how it stimulates the Corpus Callosum which plays a role in sending information between the left and right sides of the hemispheres. L-Theanine would also be a good nootropic to include considering it is glutamatergic as well as gabanerigic, both of which play a pivotal role in memory formation and thought processes.

  • After 2 days of taking my new full stack, plus drinking lots of water at correct times (wake up, drink 16oz bottle, wait 45 mins, eat meal, wait 30 mins, take stack, wait 1 1/2 hours, drink another bottle, wait 1 hour, healthy snack, wait, water, wait, eat, etc.) I tried 2 alpha brain and 2 750mg aniracetam in the morning plus 1 of each in the afternoon. I can't say I notice a big change yet.
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