Rflp Length And Other Questions.

I'd really love to start the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol. I've been doing bpif for about a month now and have a lot of weight to lose and would like to try it the rapid fat loss way for a bit. Is this something you can do for just three weeks and then go back to bpif? 


See, I bought all the supplements and have plans of starting next week, but in three weeks after that i had scheduled a wine tour with my mom and sister and can't cancela and I figured that the alcohol would probably murder my body after coming off something like Rapid Fat Loss Protocol and so I'd end several days before (I'll be spitting most of the wine tour also).


I could wait till after the wine tour to start but then that gets into spring and I love to go running and don't want to stress out my adrenal glands by running during the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol.


What would you all suggest?


I really want to give it a try but want to do so effectivley and safely. Thank you alllllllll sooo much for your help!

- Katie

ps. I have about 90 pounds to lose to goal weight so doing the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol would be a great bump in that number.

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