100% Xylitol Gum?

Although I'm not really a newbie to bulletproof and paleo (just signed up for forums today), I have a couple concerns with the IF.


I'm a big gum chewer and I'm dying for some before I reach 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I've found 100% xylitol gum, both xyli-chew and Zellies xylitol gum. 


My question is whether these would break the fast or not? Does anyone know the deal with the ingredients? I know xylitol won't break the fast, but what about the other ingredients (i.e. gum base, natural flavors (cinnamon, I assume), lecithin, gum arabic, titanium dioxide and carnauba WAX)?


Any insight is greatly appreciated!! I have a gum addiction  :grin:


  • Samir aka JudoSamir aka Judo The Grass-Fed Beast
    A topic like this was just talked about, heres a link.

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  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    Your fast will be fine.

  • Supposedly Zellies xylitol cinnamon gum does not contain MSG in their "Natural Flavors" - could be a lie, but if I went along with it, would it break the fast?

  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    MSG probably won't break your fast if consumed in any amount that might be in gum.  It is unlikely you could significantly raise your glutamate levels by chewing MSG laden gum

  • Hopefully the MSG is non-existent in their 'natural' flavors, which supposedly come from citrus flavors, etc. But regardless, thanks for your help - I jst wasn't sure if gum bases and titanium dioxide , flavors, etc could break the fast. Thanks Mark

  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    YOu could e-mail them and ask.  Thats what I do.

  • What was the final verdict on this? I'm a mint flavored gum addict myself and have been looking for a substitute (current brand of choice is Trident, which I've been told is bad)

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