Kid Approved Bullet Proof Coffee?

After getting very sick, I learned a lot about eating healthy. However, my daughter was born in 2003, and back then we thought we were eating healthy. When she started eating solid foods, she would eat fruits and veggies, and preferred them raw. We loaded her up on pasta and "sticks and twigs" and she adapted to that. We actually have a picture now of every time she tried a new meat and liked it. Bacon was her gateway meat. (I can't consider chicken nuggets meat.) Mornings are crazy, and I want to help her be successful. She craves cereal, and other junk, but will take eggs and bacon if we have the time to make it.

Would you give bullet proof coffee to a kid? 2 years ago, I wouldn't have eaten visible fat, so I don't want to rule that out. Is there a good recipe for an herbal that would be bullet proof? I also love the affects of the BPC for the affect it seems to have on my alertness. Would tea be a more appropriate choice-- so she gets some caffeine? What would Dave do? :lol:


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