I Found Out My Grassfed Beef Is Not 100% Grassfed

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I was so happy when I saw a sign that said Grassfed Beef at my local farmers market a few months back.  Even though his prices were higher than those at Trader Joes, I still bought most of my meat from my local farmer.  The taste of his ground beef compared to the grassfed ground beef at Trader Joes was much, much better.  The freshness and appearance of the meat was also substantially better.  Now that the honeymoon period is over, I finally decided to ask him if the beef was 100% grassfed.  He said that he fed the cows about a pound of homegrown, non-GMO, organic oats per day.  He claimed that this was because of a problem with the grass in my region, and it helped the cows become healthier (I can't recall exactly what he said, I was focusing on trying not to show the disappointment that I was feeling as he answered my question).


Anyways, how concerned should I be?  Trader Joes just restocked freshly packaged Grassfed Sirloin Steaks from New Zealand which are 100% Grassfed (even though the taste is inferior to that of my local farmer), so I think I will stick to those as far as purchasing steaks.  I still have a dilemma with the Ground beef though, plus I buy liver from him.  Ideally, I would have a chest freezer and would but my grassfed beef online, but my financial/living situation does not permit me to do so.


If you have any thoughts please let me know what you think.  Thanks!


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    If I order one month's worth of beef online I save a few dollars compared to buying it locally.  One month's worth of beef isn't large enough to take up the top freezer of a standard sized refirgerator.  Maybe you could do the calculations to see how much you have to buy online to start saving - you might be surprised at how little it actually might be.

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