Dislocated Shoulder - Supplementation And Rehab

So I dislocated my shoulder yesterday while grappling and have been reading all sorts of horror stories about recurring injuries people suffer for the rest of their life after such an injury. There have also been odd accounts of people making full recoveries and eventually making their shoulders stronger than they were prior to the injury. As a biohacker, I'm committed to doing everything possible to make sure I'm in the second category.

Has anyone had experience with rehabilitating an injury of this level? I've heard mention on the podcast of supplements like hydrolyzed collagen for joint pain. I've also heard good things about cissus quadrangulis for joint recovery and actually happen to have some which I had been using to prevent insulin response.

I'm scheduled to see an orthopedic specialist in the next few days and will be pursuing physical therapy after I have immobilized the arm for a few weeks. I'm also going to take very special care in waiting before resuming training. I'm not looking for a magic bullet but instead to maximize the recovery I'm going to do.

For the record I'm 21 and in great health otherwise, eating paleo as bulletproof as my budget allows, and supplementing with vitamins and minerals for several years.
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