What Are Your Go To Cuts Of Beef?

I make chuck roast in the crockpot quite often and I use ground beef too.  I'm starting to try out some higher priced cuts like steaks etc but a lot of them are really lean and you know I'm after the fat.  What cuts tend to be the fattiest?  What are your go to cuts and how do you prepare them?


  • My local meat shop sells beef bacon, and it's delicious :mrgreen:

  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.
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    75/25 ground beef, ribeye (fatty), ny strip (lean)....any and all of it really.  Variety is the spice of life.


    Been trying to get short ribs in my area lately but the grassfed ones go fast.

  • I'm gonna have to look into these short ribs. I'm getting a quarter beef soon I need to know what cuts to request.  What are the most desirable cuts?

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