Bulletproof Snack-Bowl Ideas...

Hey gang!  :)


With an influx of Roganites, I figure there is a slightly higher  :mrgreen:  probability of later-night munchie eaters about.


As I attempt to make the transition from nightly drinking of screwdrivers (extremely non-bulletproof) to not-so-nightly (some days off) drinking of wine or smoking of cannabis (going to purchase a vaporizer soon...and get a cannabis card for that matter) my dilemma comes in the urge to snack.  Will power is amazing, but consistent it is not. (yet)  My current go-to-snack bowl has a mix of dark chocolate chunks, raw almonds and sunflower seeds usually along with non-bulletproof crap for lack of ideas.   I'm guessing greek yogurt with frozen blueberries or the like would be fast enough.


My only requirement is zero preparation that moment.  No cutting, cooking etc.  I guess prep-work ahead of time would be OK so long as whatever it is does not go bad or moldy while waiting in the fridge.  


Grab bowl, fill bowl (scooping and/or pouring) and leave kitchen.


Just looking for better ideas for those times when snacking wins out over will power and discipline.  

Seeing through the chaotic.


  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    Fight the urge to snack.   Ideally you want your calories to be consumed in meals in the same time frame each day.


    Even when cannabis might be involved I generally do not snack or get the munchies.  That only happened to me back in the day.

  • Doing it now, Mark A. Thomas! (saying your name out loud as I typed it!) :)


    Cherry Pie strand is highly recommended! :-)


    I am now stocked with said munchies, but will not go to the kitchen until BP coffee in the morning.  

    Seeing through the chaotic.
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